Our Learning Philosophy

At Bella Vista, our mission is threefold:

  • to promote a positive learning environment;
  • to spark learner enthusiasm;
  • and to provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Our learning environment is positive, inviting, collaborative, and fun. It helps students share ideas, express creativity, and grow in knowledge and wisdom.

Our classes are taught by specialists in their field, published authors, and prize-winning college professors. Each class is concentrated over 4 weeks, with 4 hours of class contact per week (Monday through Thursday). Contrary to programs providing a more diluted format (1 hour per week for 16 weeks, for instance), our course structure is a tool which we use to immerse students completely within the subject.

Meet Our Faculty

Our experienced faculty dedicate their time, talent, energy and resources to creating an innovative educational environment for our students.  They also bring a wealth of experiences in many professional fields, and are passionate about knowledge and committed to excellence.

Frederic de Claremont

Ph.D., French Language & Culture

Mary Bruns

MFA, MA, Fine Art & Art History

Cindy Mueller

M.A., Art History

Sara Vannucci

J.D., Fine Art and Art History

Don Brown

MBA, Entrepreneuship

Louie Bischoff

MBA, Entrepreneuship

Gabriele Koenig

M.A., German Language & Culture

Rachel Abrams

Ph.D., Literature & Creative Writing

Angela Sash

MFA, Oil and Acrylic Painting

Lisa Artenian

M.Ed., Spanish Language

Massimo Paolillo

MBA, Italian Language and Culture

Esther Blum

MFA, Fine Art - Drawing and Pastel

Myriam Kramer

MA, MFA, Fine Art - Drawing

Steve Troisi

MBA, M.Eng., Entrepreneurship

Isabelle Kuyper

B.A., Art History

Acquire the foundation to build your dream...

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